At Silver Spirit Jewellers we provide excellence in customer care, product choice and bespoke design and crafting. We offer a wide choice of services.

Our services range from repair to evaluation to design, manufacture and much more in between. Our friendly and highly trained staff are here to ensure you receive the quality, friendly and helpful service you deserve while getting the finest and best in bespoke jewellery and high-end designer names. We are renowned for providing excellent value and customer care in services including engraving, ring resizing, repairs, cleaning, valuations for insurance, link removal and much more.

At Silver Spirit Jewellers we continue to deliver the highest standards in product and customer care throughout all aspects of our business, providing you with the time, service and product you deserve.


Over time even the most sparkling and gleaming gold, silver and diamonds can lose some of their lustre. Silver Spirit Jewellers offer a superior and thorough cleaning and polishing service. We can restore your favourite pieces of jewellery to their original and resplendent selves. Our Rhodium plating service will return dazzle and shine to your jewellery. This very reflective metal can be used to revitalize and restore your bracelets, rings and other jewellery, giving them the shine and glister that they displayed on their first day.


At Silver Spirit Jewellers we provide an expert ring resizing service that can make your ring smaller or larger depending on what you need. This allows you to wear and enjoy a piece of jewellery that might otherwise be consigned to a drawer or box. For rings that have become too tight (including gold, platinum and silver) we can increase the circumference to make the fit more comfortable. Loose rings can be reduced to a better fit. Resizing is dependent on a number of factors and can be limited in the case of rings that have stones or mounts.


Our expert team have a wide and knowledgeable experience in repairing all types of jewellery including chains, bracelets and necklaces. We can repair or replace worn out or broken clasps, safety chains and receivers. Our repair service also includes replacing lost or broken links. We make sure that all new and replacement parts match with the originals and that all repairs and new parts are indistinguishable from the original. Our repair service also includes a thorough inspection of the piece to ensure it is returned to you in the best possible condition.


At Silver Spirit Jewellers we appreciate that jewellery has a value that is greater than it’s monetary cost. When cherished pieces become unfashionable or damaged there are more options than leaving them in a drawer. At Silver Spirit Jewellers we can give your favourite and especially valued piece of jewellery a whole new lease of life by re-modelling or up-cycling, creating a new jewellery piece that retains all its’ original charm in a new and exciting way.


At Silver Spirit Jewellers we specialize in designing and creating unique and bespoke wedding and engagement rings. Our expert and experienced jewellers will work with you from initial concept to completed wedding ring so we can design and handcraft bespoke pieces to suit almost any budget from start to finish. We create every bespoke piece with a great sense of pride in our work and honour that you have chosen us to craft your unique and individual design. We use only the very finest of precious metals and stones to create your dream wedding ring.


Silver Spirit Jewellers offer a very personal one-to-one consultation service. We appreciate the importance of choosing the perfect ring and provide helpful and experienced advice to our customers regarding all aspects of their choice. This includes useful information about ring styles, precious metals and stones. We do this in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere as we appreciate how important it is to choose the right ring. Our team will ensure that your bespoke or fitted ring is exactly what you wanted and that you leave our store as a happy and satisfied customer.


Our engraving service lets you add that personal touch to your jewellery. Whether it’s a special message for a loved one or a date to commemorate, our expert engravers will add your message in a style and font that best compliments and enhances your bracelet, ring or other piece of jewellery. Timeless and priceless, your engraved message will last a lifetime.


Our Bespoke Jewellery service gives you the chance to imagine and create your own uniquely designed piece of jewellery. Our expert Goldsmiths will guide you through the process and look at your ideas from a technical, stylistic and budget point of view, working with you to make your concept a reality. We use CAD to show you how your design will look in reality and to work out various practical details. From there we lovingly craft and create your design, delivering to you your own unique and individual piece of jewellery.



At Silver Spirit Jewellers we are happy to check your jewellery for possible damage or wear that may lead to future problems. This is especially important for pieces that have a mounted stone or cluster. We will ensure that the mounting and prongs are strong and safe and where this is not the case our experts will repair the problem. In the unfortunate situation where a stone is lost we can replace it with an identical piece and repair or replace the worn or broken mount, helping to prevent further damage or loss.


For more complicated and involved watch repairs, we provide an external watch repair service. This means that your watch will be looked at by a professional watchmaker with 50 years experience in the trade. Your cherished timepiece will be in good hands and you can be assured that if it can be repaired, it will.


We can replace the battery for all high end and well known watch brand names, ensuring longer and more reliable service from your favourite timepiece. This can be done in store within a matter of minutes and is a good opportunity to make sure there are no underlying problems with your watch movement.


Our team can easily adjust a watch bracelet if it too tight, this can be done within a certain resizing limit. If the bracelet of your watch is too loose we can easily solve that problem by removing a link from it. This procedure should only be carried out by a fully trained professional to avoid irreparable damage to the bracelet or watch itself. We carry out this procedure for all leading brand names and should you ever need to, we can always insert the link again!