Celtic Silver Gents Ring

Celtic Silver Gents Ring

RCL 117 G

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This ring is made from solid sterling silver and is hallmarked 925. It was individually handcrafted by a Silversmith in Ireland.  This ring is available in sizes  9(R) to 13(Z) for Gents.

The Claddagh rings legend comes from a story about a fisherman Richard Joyce from a village called “Claddagh” on the west coast of Ireland. He was captured by pirates and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith where we learnt the trade. Many years later when freed in 1670 he returned to “Claddagh”, to marry his childhood sweetheart and started manufacturing Claddagh Rings. As Irish people started to travel the world, so the legend of Claddagh rings spread.

What is the meaning of Claddagh rings?
The traditional Claddagh symbols – heart for love, hands for friendship and crown for loyalty.

How to wear Claddagh rings:
Claddagh rings worn, right hand with the heart pointing outwards = Fancy free
Claddagh rings worn, right hand with the heart pointing inwards = Spoken for
Claddagh rings worn, left hand with the heart pointing inwards = Found true love