Claddagh Silver Bracelet

Claddagh Silver Bracelet


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This is a Beautifully Designed Silver 925 Claddagh Bracelet .This Bracelet is Crafted by Irish Silversmiths and comes in a Presentation Box.

The Claddagh is an ancient Gaelic symbol which is now a universal symbol of lasting love, eternal friendship, and loyalty. It was first designed around 400 years ago in a small village near Galway, Ireland. The Claddagh symbol shows a crown above two hands clasping a heart in the middle.

The Claddagh is often placed on wedding bands to represent holding a lover’s heart in one’s hands.

“With these hands I give you my heart and I crown it with my love.”

Claddagh Symbolism

The crown symbolises loyalty.
The hands symbolise friendship.
The heart symbolises love.